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What is RAID 5 Recovery-Servers?

In simple words, RAID 5 Recovery-Servers is a process where iDataRecovery engineers connect with a client’s system via broadband connection and access the data storage device in question; provided that storage device is still in good working condition to recover damaged or deleted data files.

To get immediate help and to find out whether RAID 5 Recovery-Servers is an option for you, please call 24x7 at…

RAID 5 uses the same concept as RAID 3 but with slightly different enactment. Instead storing parity information on a single disk, it is broken up over all disks in the array. In practice it matters very little whether you've 5 or RAID 3, but RAID 5 is simply offered by most recent RAID controllers. It is popular due to its low cost in redundancy. This could be seen by comparing the quantity of drives needed to reach a given capacity.

RAID 5 Recovery - Servers

iDataRecovery are available 24/7 around US to provide data recovery services on RAID 5 Servers. Our experienced technicians can recover 100 percent data successfully through your damaged RAID servers by the use of different parity rebuilding combinations and certified clean room when required. There is no need to panic if your RAID Server has crashed.

Just contact our recovery team at 1800-347-5377 and get free assessment on your Dell server.

RAID 5 Recovery - Servers

iDataRecovery specializes in recovering the following list of RAID 5 systems and many others:

Microsoft WindowsTM Servers

  • Windows 2000 ServerTM
  • Windows Server 2003TM (Win2K3),
  • Windows Server 2003 R2TM
  • Windows Server 2008TM (Win2K8, W2K8)
  • Windows Server 2008 R2TM
  • Windows Server 2011TM

Mac OS XTM Servers

  • Mac OS X Server 10.5TM Leopard
  • Mac OS X Server 10.6TM Snow Leopard
  • Mac OS X Server 10.7TM Lion
  • Mac OS X Server 1.0TM Rhapsody
  • Mac OS X Server 10.0TM Cheetah
  • Mac OS X Server 10.1TM Puma
  • Mac OS X Server 10.2TM Jaguar
  • Mac OS X Server 10.3TM Panther
  • Mac OS X Server 10.4TM Tiger

LinuxTM Distributions

  • DebianTM Servers
  • UbuntuTM Servers

Microsoft Hyper-V ServerTM (Windows Server Virtualization)

  • Sun xVMTM Server
  • ApacheTM Servers
  • VMWare ServerTM
  • SolarisTM Servers (SunOS)
  • FreeNASTM Servers (FreeBSDTM)

To speak to a RAID 5 recovery specialist, dial now at 1800-347-5377.

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