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Computer Hardware & Software repair

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iDataRecovery specializes in up to date repair services and troubleshooting fixes for electronic devices. Windows and Mac Support, iPad and Tablets Repairs, iPhone and Smartphones fixes, are provided on site under the same building.

We have been serving.
Residential and Small Business Customers since 1991. please call 877-791-4941 if you have any question or inquiry about our products and check our opening hours for on site service.

To get immediate help and to find out whether remote recovery is an option for you, please call 24x7 at…

Smartphones & Tablets Repairs

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You will find, at our Office location all the important items you need for your Mobile Devices. And we can help you get the most of your iPad, Tablet or Smartphone by giving on site configurations and hardware repairs when needed. When physical damage, you can rely on the expertise and tools available at our location to get your device fixed within reasonable amounts of time and money.

Computer Desktop and Laptop Software and Hardware Repair

Laptop Screen Repair for ALL Brands!

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Are you thinking how much it’s going to cost? Call us! We can give you an estimate on phone.

Laptop screen repair is high in demand at iDataRecovery. You will be satisfied with our fast services and competitive rates. We use 100% original parts directly from the biggest name factories: Samsung, LG, etc.

  • Phone estimates
  • 1 – 3 day turn-around times
  • Data conservation
  • 1 year warranty

Please note that the rates displayed are for labour costs only. Parts are not included.

Computer Repair and Laptop Repair for ALL brands

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Computers can break down for many reasons: accidents, incorrect installations or simply manufacturing defects. When your computer is no longer responding to your needs, we can help you examing the protblem. We consider that in order to solve a computer problem, we must first figure out our customers’ needs and what they use their computer for. For each and every case, we offer a free diagnostic test and provide an estimate before beginning the work.

  • Free diagnostic test and estimate.
  • Fast turn-around time.
  • Data recovery service when necessary.
  • Advice on better usage.

Our most popular computer repair services are: virus removal, Windows reinstallation, hard drive reinstallation, additional RAM memory, data recovery, etc.

Repair your iPhone in 30 minutes or less

iPhone screen repairs at great prices!

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Now you can get your iPhone repaired without spending hundreds of dollars at the Apple store or your service provider. With iDataRecovery, you keep your iPhone and all of the information on it without wasting any time. Screen replacement is our most popular service. We offer competitive prices and our customers love our high quality products. We do screen repairs on the iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S and other iPhone models in just 30 minutes or less!

Repair costs can vary depending on the iPhone model, but if you find a better price elsewhere, just let us know and we’ll make sure that you get the best price possible.

  • iPhone repair without losing any information
  • Warranty on parts and labour
  • Same-day appointments

Don’t forget to mention the Code: GOOGRE14 to have the discount applied to your order

iPhone specialized Repairs:

iDataRecovery has the necessary expertise to provide you with a wide range of support and repair services for any problems you may have with your device in addition to screen repair. We offer all types of maintenance services for Apple iPhones. Since the first iPhone 3G was released in U.S, iDataRecovery has been specialized in this ever popular product amongst consumers. We are the ones that you can trust to get the best repair services when you need it the most, including water damage, audio problems, connection problems, etc. The technician will first check your device to identify the problem and then recommend an efficient solution, whenever possible, so that you just pay less and get your Device back in action. After completing the diagnostic test, you will be provided with an estimate before your phone is repaired. All repairs are done within a reasonable timeframe, usually anywhere from 15 minutes to 24-48 hours. If the cost ends up being too high, the technician will recommend that you buy a new phone or propose a better solution for your wallet.

You can also count on us to help you configure a new device. We can help you save or recover your information and synchronize it with your computer or on iCloud. You will then be able to access your contacts, items in your calendar, your notes and all other important information from your phone with peace of mind, knowing that your information has been saved and won’t be lost. iCloud configuration services are FREE for our clients. Call us for more information. Click here for our contact page.

Samsung, LG & Smartphone Repair

On Site Smartphone and Screen Repair!

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Most of the new Smartphones on the market use touch screen digital technologies that are susceptible to breaking in the event of an accident. iDataRecovery offers on site Smartphone repair services for Samsung, LG and BlackBerry screens. Screen repair services are offered on site so that you don’t have to go more than 1 hour without your phone. We offer competitive rates and have a pricing policy in effect so that you can be sure that you’re getting the best price on the market.

Now you can repair your Smartphone without spending hundreds of dollars and waiting for weeks on end to avoid extending endless contracts. You get to keep the same Smartphone with all of your data and information on it and all in just 1 hour!

  • Screen replacement without losing any information
  • Warranty on parts and labour
  • Same-day appointments

Don’t forget to mention the Code: GOOGRE14 to have the discount applied to your order.

Repairs on Blackberry, Nokia, Sony ….

If your device isn’t mentioned on the list of repair services offered, contact us with the brand and model of your Smartphone and we will check to see if we have the parts to repair it. The list of repair services on our site is non-exhaustive as there are so many devices on the market that we cannot be continually updating our site and pricelist with every new device that is released.

If you need something other than the screen repaired, call us for an estimate on the repair cost. iDataRecovery offers an array of solutions for all types of problems that can occur and are not covered by the warranty, such as problems with the network, connector, buttons, etc.

Same Day iPad Screen Repairs in Montreal

iPad repairs and iPad screen repairs for less

You can now get your iPad screen repaired without spending hundreds of dollars at the Apple store and you get to keep the same iPad with all of your data and information on it. The services provided by iDataRecovery are simple and effective solutions. We don’t replace your device like Apple does; we simply replace the defective part. iPad screen replacement procedures are done daily by our experts who have the necessary tools to keep all of the other components intact. Repair times are reasonable, but can vary according to the request. We can usually replace iPad screens the same day, but it can take up to 24 hours when we are experiencing a high volume of orders.

  • iPad screen repair without losing any information
  • Warranty on parts and labour
  • Very competitive rates!

We offer this service for iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Mini and iPad Air.

iPad Problems Repairs:

At iDataRecovery, we know that iPads are technologically advanced devices and believe that they are the best on the market, but we also know that certain components can break down from time to time. So in addition to the screen repair services mentioned above, we offer an array of services to get your iPad running smoothly again. Whether it’s a software problem, hardware problem or water damage, we will provide you with a cost-effective final solution, whenever possible.

When we receive your call, we will begin by figuring the intensity of the problem and recommend the steps to follow to repair your iPad. Before we begin repairing process, we will provide you with a estimated repair cost so that you know exactly what to do. At iDataRecovery, we won’t hesitate to refer you to the Apple store if that is what we believe is in your best interest, and you won’t pay unless you are completely satisfied!

Tablet Repairs:

Tablets have become part of our everyday life and the number of people that use these increasing day by day. Due to users are increasing also accidents and problems that require repair are increasing. iDataRecovery has the necessary tools and means to help you repair your tablet when you need it the most.

The screen is the most important part of a tablet and is the most known to be break because it is often made of glass that may crack if it is dropped on the floor several times or other accidents. We know that Company warranties don’t cover this kind of damage and that Maintainence costs can be expensive. That’s why at iDataRecovery we take into consideration the value of the device and always try to provide a cost-effective solution.

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