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What is Hard Drive data recovery?

In simple words, Hard data recovery is a process where iDataRecovery engineers connect with a client’s system via broadband connection and access the data storage device in question; provided that storage device is still in good working condition to recover damaged or deleted data files.

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iDataRecovery has been rescuing data from failed data storages since 1991... most reliable and well rounded data recovery company, equipped with over two decades of experience and knowledge base, ready to tackle complex drive and server disasters head on.

We have seen everything that could go wrong with any type of data storage device and know the best remedies to fix complex problems to regain valuable data in record time.

To get your data back fast you are only 3 steps away to secure highly qualified recovery service and fast results without risking a dime. As we say, with i you only pay for successful results.


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iDataRecovery will Recover Lost Data*

Hard drive recovery experts at iDataRecovery have been providing data recovery services for last two decades. The recovery specialists we have are highly skilled, experienced and can deal with any type of hard disk recovery problems. Therefore, if you are suffering from unique case of hard drive failure, we can surely help you out because we have:

  • More than 20 years of experience
  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • Standardized Labs
  • Highly qualified engineers or technicians
  • In depth working knowledge of most file systems

Along with all these we also provide free device evaluation after which we will provide you with complete details about the issue in hand. Hence, you would know what is wrong with your data storage device; and what options you have to deal with this challenge. In addition to it, you will always get fast, professional and secure services.

Why Hard Drives Really Fail?

Well behind every hard drive failure there are usually two primary reasons that can be categorized as Physical and Logical failures.

  • Physical Failure:
  • In this type of failure hard drives' components stop functioning properly. In layman terms they are simply broken; due to which the drive may not spin properly, may create clicking sound or may show any other unusual behavior.
  • Logical Failure:
  • It happens when hard drive components work well but a file system gets damaged. The commons reasons behind such failures could be virus activity, or human error that might include unintentional formatting or deletion of hard disk, software errors, and lost partitions. All these can ultimately cause a total loss of data or full system failure.

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